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What could be God's purpose for you in Japan?

The Mission Field

Japan comprises about 127 Million people and is the epicenter of technology and business whose main ‘traditional religion’ is buddhism and shintoism. There are buddhist temples and shinto shrines in every city and in most houses. What is important to know is that Japan is a country of customs rather than true faith. Although Japan is looked at as a buddhist country with its various temples, everyday people don’t subscribe to buddhism or shintoism however only participate in visits to the temples as a custom of tradition. Japanese people are more atheists than Buddhists and shintoists.


The normal Japanese person has a stigma with religion itself. This is due to many radicals in the past using religion to harm others. One incident was in 1995 when a cult leader and his followers released sarin gas in a subway station that injured and killed several people. From that time until now there has been a phobia with anything “god” related.


With that understanding we at Japan Kingdom Church have set out to “Make a difference in Japan” by showing through our actions—the love of God. This is because the bible shares in 1 John 4:18 that the opposite of fear is love and how “perfect love casts out fear.” We have witnessed many lives changed through "love in action." We do this by being a relevant source of help to the down and out, homeless, mentally ill, families, single mothers, and businessmen and women alike.

What can I do for the mission in Japan?

1.  Pray for the Lord to continue to send faithful laborers to JKC (Matthew 9:38)

2. Pray the Lord continue to open up the Japanese hearts toward the Gospel

3. Subscribe to JKC Youtube Channel to help raise awareness of what God is doing in Japan

4. Become a monthly financial partner

5. Give a donation

Misson Field
What can I do
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