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Taking Next Steps

God desires for you to become more and more like Christ daily. Taking the next steps toward that transformation is what makes this journey most rewarding.

Your Christian Growth

Your life is meant to keep moving and growing. There's so much potential that lies within you. Sometimes it's easy to feel stuck and unsure of what to do next. The answer could be as simple as developing a few key habits to get you on the right track.

K2 Class is designed to teach you the simple habits to input into your lifestyle that will help you to mature and grow as a Christian.


JOIN K2 CLASS - Christian Maturity

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JKLife Groups 

Jesus designed the church to be dependent on one another in community for spiritual health and personal growth. Small groups is where it starts and continues. It's where true discipleship, friendships, and accountability happen.


What’s the Goal? For you to get to know people, build relationships and grow to spiritual maturity.


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Morning Prayer

Prayer is essential to your growth as a believer and sometimes its better not to do it alone. Whether you need praying for a loved one, family member or believing for a breakthrough in your life there is tremendous power when we pray for one another. 

JOIN MORNING PRAYER | Sundays | 8:30am | @Japan Kingdom Church

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